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Meet the Editors

Meet Co-Editor Fran Klasinski

I got my first computer back in the early 90's. An old 286 iron monster of a legacy IBM compatible that I was taught to tweak into believing it was a fully operational
MMX 133.

Previous to this questionable purchase, the only real computer training I had was chucked down my throat in a 7-day period by a wing-nut who crash coursed yours truly and several business classmates with a program called Word Star.

Now my fellow classmates were kids who came up through high-school using computers. I was the 'mature' student who didn't have a clue short of knowing where the button to turn the darned thing on was located.

These bright kids all proved her correct ... it could be taught in a 7-day period. This mature student missed the passing grade by two lousy points.

I never forgot the lesson I learned in this computer class. It is the reason I am here. The reason that our eZine How2-4Newbies was born.

I will never ever assume that because someone owns a computer that they even know how to turn the darned thing on, let alone operate it correctly.

For two solid years I learned DOS up to and including Dos 6.22 and every component that made up that legacy machine.

When I graduated to learning Windows 3x, I decided I knew enough to go on the Internet.

Every day of my life I have learned something new and something better that goes right along with something called frustration.

From the frustration I have learned that having a sound knowledge of the basics will always keep you in the driver's seat fully in charge of this wondrous tool.

"M" taught me frustration; "NMN" taught me patience and gave me insight into myself and the computer I will always be grateful for. That list of mentors continues to grow exponentially.

And now I offer you the chance to journey safely, and happily down the Super Information Highway called the Internet with the help of Chris Klasinski and myself to help you find the way.

May your journey be endless and the routes chosen lead to your continued success.

If you haven't joined us yet, by all means do so now ...

... and let the journey begin.


Fran Klasinski
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