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This page is dedicated to making your choices of what works the best with the least problem simpler.

Whether you are knowledgeable or a novice, the information presented here will most certainly improve your experience on the Internet.

Many of the items listed here are FR^EE or have a FR^EE version for you to test.  The Pro versions always contain the fuller program.

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Ski 's Security Stinger - protector and guardian watchdog against Trovimars .. beat the hacker trap and kiss virus problems goodbye.

Be sure to bookmark our site and come back often. You will find the downloads and information being continually added to as we test and promote the value of each new product.


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Top Adware Removers

These are freeware programs. This means that all you have to do is take the time to download and install them. So just don't horse and not get them or you can end up being one unhappy camper. Ad-aware v6.181 "Lavasoft Ad" Aware helps to fight intrusions by checking your memory, files and disks for known examples of spyware.
I have used this program for along time now and it has never let me down in helping me keep my computer clean of adware. It is easy to install, use and keep up to date. Make sure you check often for the updates as there can be more than a few in a short time.

As with all programs do read the users/help manual for tips on how to get more out of your software than just the default setting.Ad-aware Cloak 1.0

"Ad-aware Cloak is designed to allow Ad-aware to open fully when there are items on the system which close Ad-aware when it attempts to start, such as some CoolWebSearch variants. To use Ad-aware Cloak, save it to your system, and run the program before opening Ad-aware. Once Ad-aware Cloak opens, click "Activate Cloak" and then open Ad-aware and scan as normal. When you are done using Ad-aware, close Ad-aware Cloak." VX2 Cleaner Plug-In for Ad-Aware. 1.02

Lavasoft’s new plug-in VX2 Cleaner detects the malware VX2 and offers you the ability to remove it from your computer. Some users have experienced a very difficult variant of VX2 which cannot be removed by Ad-Aware. For those users which have this variant, get this plug-in and USE it.
Spybot Search & Destroy v1.3

This is another program that is easy to install, use, and update. It is a great utility to find those little buggers that spy upon you.
There is one thing that I think you should make a choice for on installing Spybot, even though it does popup from time-to-time, and that is 'TeaTimer'. It tells you if there is a any sort of change to the registry on your computer. That is great to track what is happening to your software that you have on board. Another thing during the setup is to 'Immunize' your computer. This helps keeping all sorts of 'bugs' out of your computer.
Spybot Search and Destroy Updater 2004-3-4

Spybot - Search and Destroy Updater will allow you to update your Spybot S&D detections without the need for the included WebUpdate.
WinPatrol v7.0

Let Scotty the watchdog do his job in watching over your computer with this real-time utility. He will sniff out anything that changes on your computer. You can upgrade to the Pro version, but that will cost you some bucks. Again this is an easy to install and use program.
SpywareBlaster 3.2

Now here is a nice little program that will be a help in stopping the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers, and other potentially unwanted pests. To me anything will help stop this crap from getting into my computer is something I want.
SpywareGuard 2.2

SpywareGuard is a great addition to SpywareBlaster. While an anti-virus program scans files before you open them and can prevent the execution of a virus if it is detected - SpywareGuard will do the same thing, but for spyware! And you can easily have an anti-virus and firewall programs running alongside SpywareGuard.

Think of BHODemon as a guardian for your Internet browser, it helps to protect you from unknown Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), by letting you enable/disable them individually. It runs in the toolbar area, and works on Windows 95 or later operating systems.

What is a Browser Helper Object?
A Browser Helper Object, or BHO, is just a small program that runs automatically every time you start your Internet browser. Usually, a BHO is installed on your system by another software program. For example, Go!Zilla, the downloading utility, installs a BHO created by Radiate (formerly Aureate Media); this BHO tracks which advertisements you see as you surf the Web.

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Do you really want to know all about how a matrix works? Why you never seem to make the top bank roll they promise you?

Here's how it works


International Action on


Email Protector

Hides your e-mail address from SpamBots that crawl the net looking for e-mail addresses. Works by using Encryption and Javascript.


AbsoluteShield File Shredder
is a simple utility which renders any file it is used on as totally unrecoverable.

Absolute Shield File Shredder

Many people do not realise that "deleting" a file leaves that file able to be recovered very simply.

However this program gives you a choice of actually overwriting the data twice, or for greater security, SEVEN times. This renders the file totally destroyed, and it cannot ever be recovered.

Once installed it is integrated into Internet Explorer and can be started by right clicking on any file. Therefore if you want the security of knowing that your files REALLY are deleted download this little utility.


StartPage Guard is a handy little utility which prevents rogue (often porn) sites from changing your Homepage to a different one.

Start Page Guard

Once installed it simply stays out of sight until an attempt is made to change your homepage. You can set it so that it notifies you or simply set it to automatically retain your own homepage. If you do this you will never even notice it working !!

The file size is quite small and does not take long to download.


For the best FR~E protection anti-virus with the least learning curve and no conflict with most firewalls. Take it for a spin.

ZoneAlarm FR~E ver or Pro or security suite

You cannot lose using this firewall that goes one step beyond if you buy the suite with a tightly organized up to date anti-virus built right in.
Get protection for DSL and cable connections with this free utility.

It protects you from malicious programs, like Spyware and Trojan horses, by allowing you to control your computer's Internet traffic and the way applications access the Internet.


Kerio Personal Firewall

Kerio Personal Firewall is a necessity for all desktop
computers connected to broadband Internet, using DSL, cable, ISDN, WiFi or satellite modems.

Within an organization, Kerio Personal Firewall prevents a single computer from attacks initiated by internal users. Remote workstations and laptops running KPF are protected from Internet born attacks.


Tiny Personal Firewall

The program offers high, medium, and low security levels. If you're not sure which to choose, the program can operate in learning mode, letting you decide whether to
deny or accept data in each situation. You can then
establish rules to determine how you want to deal with
similar situations in the future.

You can also check for digital signatures, and it can restrict applications to certain ports or destination IP addresses. Finally, you can create reports of all intrusion attempts. Works well with Grisoft 's AVG.










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