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Getting to know your computer and learning how to properly maintain it can be an overwhelming experience.

We believe in empowering others with necessary training to help your online experience be a successful one.

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Our Mission is to help the newcomer to the web find their way safely and with some idea of how to make this great tool work for them.

How2-4Newbies deals mainly with the Internet knowledge you need to allow surfing the net in safety when online as well as tips and tricks and value content on how to begin your own online business. Our RESOURCES are continually building and will provide you with information pertaining to web site content.

How2-4Newbies eZine is dedicated to the family friendly user, and those who are interested in starting their own online business but have no idea where to start.

Technology is changing faster than you and I can hope to keep up to. What we will do, is give you insights into how to protect your work and your computer from Virus, Trojans, hackers and other nasties.

Be sure to read Ski's Security Stinger column for loads of tips and tricks on good computer security and computer maintenance. - Ski's Security Stinger - protector and guardian watchdog against Trovimars .. beat the hacker trap and kiss virus problems goodbye.

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This site has been designed with the new and not so new Internet user and marketer looking for helpful information.

Let me make this issue very clear. We are NOT nor do we proclaim to know the answer to every problem/situation you may be currently facing or having to solve in the future.

What we are, is a place to learn, ask questions, and share answers with one another that will make your experiences using the net a fun learning place to return to again and again.

Each of the links appearing on this page will take you on an excursion of learning. These links may or may not have information in them the first time you click on them.

We are building and growing and expanding thoughts and ideas that your input will help make a rewarding learning experience.

So add us to your favourites, come back often and check us out. Let us know what you like and how we can better help you.

You can access our Archived editions in order to read all back issues as posted there. BUT to read our current editions, it is necessary for you to subscribe. All issues will be archived quarterly.

Currently, we only advertise products/services that we are active members of and have tested ourselves. Should you decide to subscribe to our e-zine, you should be aware that you will also be agreeing to receive the occasional in-house as well as third-party advertisements.

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