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Getting to know your computer and learning how to properly maintain it can be an overwhelming experience.

We believe in empowering others with necessary training to help your online experience be a successful one.

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How2-4Newbies eZine
Volume II Issue 1
January 1, 2005

"We followed our dreams, for dreams were all we had. In the process our lives became magical."
-Sigfried & Roy

How2-4Newbies eZine

Published the second and fourth Sunday of each month

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Welcome all our wonderful subscribers. Here we go with another edition of How2-4newbies eZine chock full of good stuff you can use to make your everyday use of the computer safe and happy.

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Editors Comments - HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.

It's a brand spanking new year and we are dedicated to starting it off as the best yet.!

The resolutions have been made and no doubt most have already been broken or on the way to preferably being forgotten.

Don't despair. Sometimes in our haste to do something of value to us, the support breaks down or our minds play little tricks on us and we are distracted from what we know we really need to be doing.

Consider it a slip. The goal needs a bit more planning and the mindset needs to be learned to make you a VIP ( Very Important Person) to you.The order of being successful seems to take different tracks depending on who you are listening to. By all means read, listen and learn whatever it is that someone you trust has to say. BUT ... BUT ... God gave you a mind of your own. YOU are a very capable peron so trust your own instincts and learn the most valuable part of your success from YOU.

It is our wish, our New year's Resolution to earn your respect as a valued contributor and support system to helping you realize your dreams. Do come back often, wander around our sites and let us know our New Year's Resolution is helping you.

Wishing you all the success you can reach for.

Fran Klasinski

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In This Issue

Editor's Comments -  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Top Ad -  Lead Generation

Tips to Help
- SEO 'rank' Tricks
Ski's Security Stinger - Common and Not-So-Common E-mail Terms
Middle Ad -
Learn Lead Generation
Article - OKAY ... I did it
Legal Stuff - Subscription and un~subscribe Information

TIPS & TRICKS - SEO 'rank' Tricks

Forgetting the rule of thumb for graphic numbers and sizes on a web page invites disaster. Load time is always the issue to keep in mind - 7 secs or less using a 56K modem. Even that is a bit high for some speed machine users.

Research stats show slow loading times results in lost revenue. And if you are attempting make money with your website, forget the flash. Your site needs to be professional and easy to read. Older browsers will not contain the plug in needed, and this can hurt sales.

Mainly, flash will interfere with the spiders ability to optimize your website. It may look impressive to viewers but cannot be indexed by search engine spiders.

The major no-no is using frame pages. Spiders only see one page at a time. They start at the top and read until they reach the bottom. When a spider reaches a frames page, it will only see the master page. If it cannot read the complete page then you will not be properly indexed.

Some spiders may not even read a frames web site.

Misuse of meta tags. No stuffing, stick to 1 - 3 keywords per page. And remember spiders cannot enter password protected pages or the new rage, images maps

Ski 's Security Stinger - protector and guardian watchdog against Trovimars .. beat the hacker trap and kiss virus problems goodbye.

Common and Not-So-Common E-mail Terms

In this article we are going to take a look see at some
common and not-so-common e-mail terms.

E-mail client

This the software program on your computer that enables
you to send, receive, and work with your e-mail. A few
Examples of e-mail clients are MS Outlook, MS Outlook
Express, Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla, Pegasus and even

E-mail server

When you click the Send button in your e-mail client,
your e-mail does not go directly from you to the person
that you are sending it to. It has to go through a series
of processing steps, just like at the post office. These
are known as e-mail servers. I like to think of these
servers as way stations.

When you send out snail mail, you can go to the post
office to have it sent, or post it in a drop box and it gets
sent to your post office. Then it goes to the person's
post office you are sending to, and finally they receive it.

When you send an e-mail message, you click Send, the
e-mail goes from your e-mail box to your Internet Service
Provider's (ISP) mail server, then to that persons ISP
server, and then to his Inbox

The former method takes days; the latter takes a few
seconds or minutes, depending on your connection speed
and such. Though with the speed of computers today and
the speed of the net even a few minutes can seem like

Domain name

The part of an e-mail address that comes after the @ sign.

My e-mail address is, so my
domain name is which I own and it is
registered in my name.

Yours may be, aol. com, or (your own obscure
name. com.). Your domain name identifies one or more Internet
Protocol (IP) addresses, which are assigned numbers that identify
computers on the network.

Each domain name has a top-level domain it belongs too' such as, .
org used for a nonprofit organization, .mil (the military). There is
also .com (commercial), .info (information), and .net.

Flame Mail

Basically it is a message that is way out of line in one way or the other.
Usually it is written by someone who is angered at an action they feel
you had no right to initiate.

This term if found and was used previously in forums by members who
did not like a response to a post. It can get you very upset to receive
such bunk, especially as it can contain some pretty inflamatory language.

The person who sent it should use better judgement and cool down before
they write something that they would come to regret. And unfortunately,
it's contagious. Flame mail is in way to much abundance on the web
nowadays. If you want it to stop ... Do not answer it in the same vein.
Either ignore it or answer in a calm manner that will not aggravate the
matter further.


Spam is unsolicited commercial e-mail or UCE. No one is completely safe
from spam. Everyone gets it, no matter who or where you are at. There
are ways to fight it. One is to report it to your ISP or to the senders ISP,
if possible. I will go in the ways to do so in another article. The first way
to fight it is to NOT reply to it at all. Make friends with the delete key and
send it into cyber-space.


To send e-mail to and from different kinds of e-mail servers, there
was a need for an agreed-upon format for sending and receiving the
data. This format is called a protocol. I will go into a few of the more
common types. You might come to recognize some of these from setting
up your Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail accounts.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3)

When you use POP3, your e-mail is stored on the e-mail server initially. But
once you have read it or at least have downloaded onto your computer, it is
no longer stored on the e-mail server. So if it is important, make and save
it in a folder on your hard drive.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

IMAP is a way to access a server and, if you like, keep your e-mail messages
stored on the server. Using IMAP has its advantages:

With IAMP you can see the headers of your e-mail messages and decide
whether you want to download them. When you go to look at your at MSN
(HotMail) you are using a form of IMAP. That is you can look at your e-mail
before you download it into your computer. There you can look at not just
the headers of your e-mail, but the whole e-mail too, to see if it is from
friend or foe(spammer).

There you can also create and move folders, delete messages, and even
perform a search for certain parts of a message all on the server.

You can take a look see at your e-mail no matter where in the world you are
at, as long as you have access to the net. Also you have to remain connected
the net at all times to recieve and send any e-mail. Though the connection
might be a little slow at times.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

HTTP is the protocol used to display Web pages, but it can also be used
to send and receive e-mail. In fact, Outlook uses HTTP as an e-mail
protocol. A couple of other examples are:

MSN Hotmail

Hotmail is Web-based e-mail. You can read and receive e-mail messages
from any computer in the world with an Internet connection and a Web
browser that supports graphics.

Outlook Web Access

Using Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook® Web Access
(OWA), users can access data on the server by using an Internet
browser from a UNIX, Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows-based computer.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

Most (but not all) e-mail systems use SMTP to send e-mail messages
across the Internet, from an e-mail client to an e-mail server. That's
why you need to specify both the incoming server (POP3, IMAP, and so
on) and the outgoing server, the SMTP server, when you set up your
e-mail accounts.

Happy surfing - keep safe.


Editor's Comment: Use our Feedback link and send in your questions and concerns.

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Letters to Editor

Your Questions

From MC. I am into a web site and up comes this 'Run Time Error" message followed by several lines referring to it and asking me if I would like to 'debug'it. I have to hit cancel a lot of times before it goes away. Am I doing something to create this?


No you are not creating this error message. It just means that there's some faulty scripting in a Web page you're viewing and your browser, probably Internet Explorer is giving you this message.

Here is how you can prevent this error message. Open Internet Explorer at Start ... Programs ... Internet Explorer.

Go to Tools ... Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab.

Scroll down to the Browsing section, and check the box for 'Disable script debugging,' and uncheck the box for 'Display a notification
about every script error.'

Hope this helps.


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Strategies to Build Your Business Foundation - Free Report


OKAY ... I did it

... and I did not do it at all. Now you have to read on to find out what the heck I am talking about. If misery loves company, you will be abe to say, I told you so.

I talked myself into making a New Year's resolution. And NO not the usual run of the mill promises I knew I would not keep.

Oh no, not me. I am too smart to set myself up to fall flat on my face. HA HA HA HA yeah, right.

I choose to be proactive in 2005. Forget the pretense stuff. I'm going to be a doer and there is no time like the present to get it started.

To be successful, you must do what the successful do.

So I made the long list, chose five to create the short list, then I chose ONE to keep.

The one I chose is to Work to create a plan that would forward my business promotions successfully in 2005.

Pretty neat choice if I do say so myself. ;-)) Pretty darned general though with no teeth.

The number five kept coming up in my thoughts so I figured I would work with it. Some hypnotic suggestion buried deep in my psche? Probably not. Just that five represents the normal amount of days a week most people suffer through.

I sure do not plan on working past five days a week. Might as well get a J.O.B. if that is the case. No siree Bob. Five days it is and NOT eight hours a day either. It will be FIVE max and NO weekends.

Keeping in mind that my focus is bad enough now, I would choose FIVE marketing projects per day to work on. That way I would never be bored. And I would learn to accept change better and switch gears with positive direction. Now that can only be good motivational training yes?

What areas of your life have you been successful in, and do you celebrate that success?

1. Mail can only have 25 minutes max. run through the important stuff, answer necessary emails and do a quick delete on the garbage in.

I am a real time waster on email. It is my downfall and I really need to cut this one back severely.

2. Web site. go over it and verify all links and make sure the advertsing/marketing and training sections are up to date not outdated.

Now that one, really calls for watching every day.

3. Promoting Marketing Programs has to be a top priority. Updating ads, placement and checking out the tracking for what is working and what is not.

4. Ezine, new issue, new material, new email series for autoresponders, research and writing, all fits so neatly.

5. Cleaning data base of current lists, updating follow up procedures and emails that need to be adjusted. preparing our next email campaigns and detailing work load.

Now five days at five hours each day should allow me a pretty good schedule of accomplishments yes? Some more than others perhaps, but I do my own work so I shall find the ways to make it all happen.

What areas of your life are unsuccessful that you want to change?

Now why didn't someone tell me that much needed help catch colds? They won't be available today. If the cold turns out to be a virus they won't be available for a week.

I must remember to priortize .. the rest will wait.
Must hire back up help to the back up help.

Hubby and kids come down with same cold so kitchen help is out and mealtime becomes a series of interruptions with Dr. Mom having to dawn her white coat and supply necessary medications and love hugs.

I must rmember I chose to get married and have a family. Grrrrr .... where is my brick in the wall?

It's raining or snowing and somebody always has an appointemt to keep and it can only be kept in your working time and only you can take them.

HMM must remember ... it's nice to feel wanted.
Steady there, your face would not look that good on a 'wanted' poster.

January 2 is gone. I cannot have it back. I blame the problems on that fact that January 1, 2005 is a Saturday. Making New Year's plans out of New Year's resolutions is bad karma.

Did I not promise myself that I would only work FIVE Days and it would not include weekends? Why did I continue to plan my work on Sunday?

So much for new year's resolutions. Even the calendar works against our good intentions. Think I'll go check my email.

Fran Kalasinski
Copyright 2005, Fran Klasinski All Rights Reserved

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