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Getting to know your computer and learning how to properly maintain it can be an overwhelming experience.

We believe in empowering others with necessary training to help your online experience be a successful one.

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The lastest Virus attempt is the Netsky Q. You need to take this serious and make sure you are updating and running your virus scan's each day.

How2-4Newbies eZine
Volume II Issue 4
February 15, 2005

"We followed our dreams, for dreams were all we had. In the process our lives became magical."
-Sigfried & Roy

How2-4Newbies eZine

Published the second and fourth Sunday of each month

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Welcome all our wonderful subscribers. Here we go with another edition of How2-4newbies eZine chock full of good stuff you can use to make your everyday use of the computer safe and happy.

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Editors Comments - A totally New look - We're Hot

Have you looked around our site
You will see a whole new look. Some pages are up and some pages are still in the rebuild stages. It is the same for our
archives and consistent issues of 4newbies eZine.

That is the joy of being online, in your own business and being responsible for most of the work yourself. It is a never ending process because you are always learning and thus growing. What seems fine today, becomes old hat before it is set to print.

Be patient and try to undertand that in order to talk the talk you better be willing and committed to walking the walk. We are. We never hesitate to learn some new marketing technique or investigate security news that can help you shorten the learning curve and feel confident about what you are doing and where you are going.

If you like somethng, please say so, we will provide you with even more. If you would like to see something added then tell us that too. Our success is based on what pleases you and helps you find your way. Don't be shy. Let us know if we can help. Ultimately, your success is the direction we work for and love to hear about.

Fran Klasinski

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In This Issue

Editor's Comments -  A Totally New Look - We're Hot
Top Ad
-  MoneyPool
Tips to Help
- PowerPoint the Easy Way
Ski's Security Stinger - Let's talk about Using Defrag & Utilities Cleaners
Middle Ad - Your Own Business - How to begin
Article - Prospect Capture Methods Proven to Work
Legal Stuff - Subscription and un~subscribe Information

Tips to Help PowerPoint the Easy Way

When doing a PowerPoint presentation, rather than switching to slideshow the awkward way - touchpad, selecting view>Slide Show - just press F5.

Ski 's Security Stinger - protector and guardian watchdog against Trovimars .. beat the hacker trap and kiss virus problems goodbye.

Using Defrag & Utilities Cleaners

Defragging your computer rids it of digital odds and ends that can slow down access to files and programs. It also cleans up available space on your hard drive. Make it a must do at least twice a week. More if you re a consistent surfer.

Run utilites that clean up cookies, the temp files and history of visited URLs while surfing. Most browsers provide a way to do this under TOOLS, Options, or it may say Internet Options.

Zap spyware with 'window washer' 'pest patrol' or more than one of many such cleaners you will find listed in RESOURCES on main site .

Happy surfing - keep safe.


Editor's Comment: Use our Feedback link and send in your questions and concerns.

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Letters to Editor

Your Questions

From MC. I am into a web site and up comes this 'Run Time Error" message followed by several lines referring to it and asking me if I would like to 'debug'it. I have to hit cancel a lot of times before it goes away. Am I doing something to create this?


No you are not creating this error message. It just means that there's some faulty scripting in a Web page you're viewing and your browser, probably Internet Explorer is giving you this message.

Here is how you can prevent this error message. Open Internet Explorer at Start ... Programs ... Internet Explorer.

Go to Tools ... Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab.

Scroll down to the Browsing section, and check the box for 'Disable script debugging,' and uncheck the box for 'Display a notification
about every script error.'

Hope this helps.


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Strategies to Build Your Business Foundation - Free Report


Prospect Capture Methods Proven to Work

Never lose a single prospect. It's the most important rule in business.

Using a pop-up can be a real nuisance in that many people use pop-up killers but many do not. Some use the floater that is not stopped by pop-up killer, it just floats across the page until you click to take the action it requests or you click on the red 'X' in the corner to close it. And others use exit pops which are less likely to be intrusive and equally as likely to be filled in if you keep it simple.

The less steps your prospect has to take, the more likely they will click on these requests to subscribe.

These powerful tools automatically capture your prospect's name and email address without having to fill in a form. They are then subscribed to your newsletter with just a single mouse click.

Regardless of what method you choose, always have a subscribe to box on your sales page, web site, or email sends.

The second method that you should be employing is an exit pop that asks your traffic: " How can I help you? Why are you leaving without (taking the requested action)?"

Once you get a prospect to sign up, you know that to ensure you never lose them, you need from the beginning to:

1. Use the most powerful methods to capture your prospect

2. Combine different methods of capture, including LCP pages which we will discuss at a later date.

3. Use Autoresponders to deliver instant follow-up messages.
4. Automate your mailing list needs

So why would you not follow up equally as well with a visitor who comes to your site or page and leaves without taking the directed action?

If your marketing system is to buy names of possible leads, hit them with your best shot and hope it sticks a few of them to your requested action, you are losing big time on possible conversion rates by not asking them why they are leaving without giving you a chance to prove you have something they need.

Fran Kalasinski
Copyright 2005, Fran Klasinski All Rights Reserved

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